It is BAM's mission to build sustainable environments that enhance people's lives.

BAM aims to have a net positive impact on climate change, resources and people by 2050, in an approach that encourages innovation and offers new opportunities.

Put simply, it means doing things above and beyond business as usual.


Climate positive

By 2050 we want to have a net positive impact on the climate. We will work towards this goal by reducing our own carbon emissions and providing products and services to reduce the emissions of others.

This means we will:

• Reduce the energy we use by digitalising our business and by improving the efficiency of our operations

• Use as much power, fuel and heat from renewable or non-polluting sources as possible

• Work with our clients and supply chain to reduce their emissions

• Bring low or zero carbon products and services to market to scale-up our positive impact


Resource positive

We aim to be resource positive by 2050 by rethinking the way we design and build projects. By doing this, we want to eliminate waste over the lifecycle of a building to preserve raw materials and resources. We will also use safe, healthy and natural materials. 

This means we will:

• Eliminate wasteful construction practices, and deliver projects that will produce less waste in operation

• Be part of the circular economy by using products and materials that can be easily maintained, reused or repurposed in the future, avoiding low grade recycling

• Procure materials from certified responsible sources


People positive

By 2050, we want to have a net positive impact on society by making a difference to the lives of people we come into contact with. We want to enhance the lives of one million people by 2020, through providing opportunities for education and employment and through engaging with community groups and charities. 

This means we will:

• Create life-enhancing opportunities to help people to be socially mobile

• Educate and inspire a new generation of diverse people to join our industry

• Inspire and motivate BAM people and provide them with opportunities to improve the lives of others

• Engage in positive value-adding partnerships with charities


Sustainable Development Goals

Our net positive strategy aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These 17 goals serve as a roadmap for good growth by 2030. Although our business potentially affects all SDGs, we have identified seven to focus on, as these best fit with the impacts our activities have.


Find out more

BAM has been in business in Britain since 1874, delivering award-winning sustainable buildings throughout the UK. We are proud of our achievements, and want to continue contributing to the development of the construction and property sector by participating in working parties and best practice forums. 

To find out about our achievements and key partnerships, see our timeline and partnerships pages.