People positive

Our group-wide commitment is to enhance the lives of one million people by 2020 through the way we do business, not the business we do. To support this, BAM Construct UK is focusing on creating a positive impact through activities in local communities. Our enhancng lives program aims to:

  • Create life-enhancing opportunities to help people be socially mobile
  • Educate and inspire a new generation of diverse people to join our industry
  • Inspire and motivate BAM people and provide them with opportunities to improve the lives of others
  • Engage in positive value-adding partnerships with charities
  • Maximise the social and economic impact we have through local employment and sourcing

Enhancing lives

We aim to have a positive impact on people's lives by supporting and delivering projects that make a positive difference. Our enhancing lives activities can be categorised as pro bono or in-kind, fundraising or donations, volunteering, opportunities for social enterprises or small businesses, training, employment, and health and wellbeing. Since 2010, BAM has invested £4,130,852 into local communities through these types of activities, which is defined and measured as connect, improve or transform.



Since 2015, we have enhanced the lives
of approximately 180,000 people through our work 

Early careers

Apprenticeships are a great way to bring new talent into the industry. We have a bespoke Construction apprenticeship programme, rotating construction apprentices through multiple placements prior to them completing their degree, and giving them the best of both worlds! During their study blocks, we also provide a number of BAM-led sessions delivered by our colleagues, to complement and support apprentices’ learning. We also have a construction development framework to identify core skills and competencies that our apprentices can develop throughout their placements.

A lot has changed at BAM since we introduced this programme, including the way we target new talent. In 2018 we launched new social media channels, including our instagram @BAMConstructEarlyCareers, to better engage with our target audience and give a taste of what it’s like to work for BAM. This has bene a huge success with 1,500 followers and 17% of our 2018 intake coming from these channels. Since we reviewed our paid engagement channels, the number of early career applications is up 48% and hires is up 800%. This includes an increase of 400% in females recruited onto our construction apprentice programme.

We use a ‘referral code’ to track talent through our recruitment process, allowing our community engagement team to directly refer young people they come into contact with.

Employee engagement

We know our employees feel passionately about many charities and organisations; that’s why we give two working days of paid leave each year to our employees to participate in voluntary activities. In addition to this, employees can apply for a £1,000 grant for a team voluntary project – allowing them to not only to give their time, but also purchase materials and resources. Since its launch, we have funded more than 40 volunteering projects in support of hospices, SEN groups, community centres, local schools and the Prince's Trust.

In 2018, our employees volunteered 5,687 hours
to support community projects across the country

Each year our early career employees take part in our Enhancing Lives Challenge, introducing them to our net positive approach and enhancing lives activities. 

During 2018, they volunteered, fundraised and developed our education offering, enhancing the lives of 4,257 people. The overall impact was significant, with more than 2,542 students engaged from 44 schools, colleges and universities and the monies raised went to nine different charities across the UK. The 1,323 hours volunteered by our early career employees meant they were able to support 20 charities and community groups, including the Cheetham Hill Advice Centre (CHAC) in the North West where the volunteers and staff have said their morale and working life has improved as a direct result of the work carried out.

The 2018/19 winning North East team 


Our national charity partner is chosen by our empoyees and in 2018 we raised £81,500, enabling CLIC Sargent to give support to 1,048 young people and 39 nurse school visits to talk with teachers and pupils.

Our annual 'BAM bikes' challenge
is just one way we raise funds for CLIC Sargent

Enhancing education

In 2018, BAM's Education Co-ordinators worked with 16,026 students providing support in lessons related to science, technology, engineering, maths, arts and business; offering employability sessions, conducting site visits and work experience, and providing CPD sessions for teachers and lecturers.

Students worked with our Education Co-ordinators

During 2018 we developed a new digital education and work experience resource for schools and young people. The new platform launches in 2019 and will guide work experience placements at BAM through a potential career in the industry as well as provide a suite of resources for teachers to use in schools.