Health and Wellbeing

BAM wants to enhance the lives of both the communities in which we work, and the lives of the people who work with and for us. BAM is committed to a workplace where employees and partners feel healthy, safe and engaged and supported. We want to support our people so they can achieve their best for themselves and for our customers.

98% of BAM employees feel mental health is an important issue

Working Safely

We continue to work towards eliminating accidents and preventing the causes of occupational ill health. This is inclusive of the wider community that we work with, whether that is our supply chain or other stakeholders which is endorsed through our health and safety brand of ‘Your Safety is My Safety’.

We set annual objectives and targets including a series of leading indicators which we report against each month. Initiatives such as our Safe2Start daily briefings and our internal health and safety awards together with our ‘Handle Your Future’ campaign raise awareness across the business.

In 2018 our Incident Rate benchmark against other Build UK members was in the top quartile of performance. In addition to supporting Build UK we actively support health and safety through our memberships of RoSPA, British Safety Council and the Construction Health and Safety Group.

Working to eliminate
accidents and injuries


We support our employees' well-being by:

  • Offering all employees a comprehensive medical health screen every three years once they reach 40. 
  • Providing regular access to one-off health screening and occupational health checks at our sites and offices. 
  • Supporting the rehabilitation of employees with long-term illness and supporting them back into the workplace.
  • Taking steps to reduce excessive work-related mileage.
  • Subsidising gym membership and ‘cycle to work’ schemes.

Health screenings and occupational health checks are available to BAM employees 


BAM encourages our employees to achieve a good work life balance and the company subsidises a staff sports and social club that offers regular social and sporting events around the country. Our employees have taken part in events across the country such as theatre trips, quiz nights and spa trips, and also taken the opportunity to try new sports and activities like yoga, ice skating, cricket and fishing. 

**300 employees have become Dementia Friends**

We are increasing our focus on supporting mental health. We continue to promote the use of our confidential Employee Assistance Helpline, and in 2016 signed up to the Time to Change employer pledge, demonstrating commitment to raising awareness and ending stigma to mental health issues. 40 BAM employees have also volunteered to become Healthy Mind Ambassadors, to help us to be more open about mental health and encourage people to seek support if they need it.

Some of our Healthy Mind Ambassadors


Our people are our greatest asset. That's why we invest in their personal development and training so they can have a satisfying career with us and perform to the highest standard. 

This starts with the development programmes undertaken by our trainees and graduates that prepare them for their careers with BAM and help them achieve professional recognition. In 2016 we improved the programme, and challenged our trainee and graduates to enhance lives over a six month period.

The 2016 our trainee and graduates programme was a great success, with help and support from the whole business, 48 young people raised £15,000 for nine different charities, and gave 1,323 hours of volunteering time which supported 20 charities and community groups. They took part in 75 student engagement activities that involved 2542 students, from 44 schools, colleges and universities. In total they connected with 3,851 people and improved 406 lives.


The BAM Personal Development Review process allows all employees to assess their capacity against competence framework and identifying areas for further development. The training needs arising from these reviews are then addressed through a comprehensive training programme including management skills, health and safety, new technology and commercial awareness.

BAM has also introduced a Young BAM Board in 2017. It is made up of representatives from each business unit who organise a calendar of activities for employees under the age of 35, acting as a platform to share ideas and knowledge, and learn new skills.

Listening and engaging

It's important to BAM that we involve employees in maintaining and developing our ethos. Our Executive board stages an annual roadshow at nine locations throughout the UK to provide updates on company performance and strategy and to hear the views of employees.

Our intranet, social media channels such as Yammer, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, and regular newsletters also keep our staff up to date.

Staff engagement and feedback is important to us


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