How to reach the top of the BREEAM 2011 tree

Hardip Mann 06 Nov 2013

As a BREEAM Assessor, I often have to answer the question how can project teams meet the new BREEAM 2011 requirements? The most important thing is to get a BREEAM Assessor like myself involved early on.


Designing, making and re-making

Jesse Putzel 30 Oct 2013

“Designing, making and re-making for a circular economy” was the theme of a recent event I attended at the Design Museum. One clear theme emerged: we need to ‘start with the end in mind’ and make sure designs are better informed by those who have to deal with products over their life. This means working together with designers, material experts, manufacturers and resource managers.


Why should we support Home Grown Timber?

Charlie Law 14 Oct 2013

Did you know that the UK construction industry used over 5million m3 of softwood in 2012, but less than a fifth of this came from UK sources!? This helped make the UK the 4th largest importer of timber and wood based products in the world, behind the USA, China and Japan, resulting in a trade deficit of around £4.6billion?!


How can we inspire young women to consider careers in STEM?

Ellie Jenkins 08 Oct 2013

The lack of diversity within construction, and wider Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) industries, won’t be news to many of you.

With a succession of national campaigns, progress has been made, but the stats don’t lie- according to the Construction Index News women still only make up 13% of the construction industry. We’ve got a long way to go.


What Edison can teach us about sustainable buildings

Jesse Putzel 02 Oct 2013

Acknowledging when things don’t work can help us to create more sustainable buildings.

Testing a product before it goes to market and assessing how it works in practice isn’t new. Today, products are tested to ensure they’re safe etc… and then tested in use to check they live up to their claims. This hasn’t been a common approach in the construction industry though.


FSC Friday- Don't Break the Chain

Charlie Law 27 Sep 2013

Using certified timber is one of the best ways to make sure timber is sustainably logged, ensuring the security of our global forests for future generations – a fact that we are reminded of today, on FSC Friday. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certifies forests all over the world to ensure they meet the highest environmental and social standards.


Greener Buildings, Better Places, Healthier People

Jesse Putzel 20 Sep 2013

This is the theme adopted for World Green Building Week 2013, with the aim to kick start a global discussion on how buildings can help to boost student test scores, improve productivity, accelerate patient recovery rates, and slash energy consumption, benefiting the environment and people at the same time.


Putting sustainability into practice

Nitesh Magdani 17 Sep 2013

Most people would prefer to live and work in sustainable buildings given the choice, yet not every new building is designed to minimise its impact on the environment. So what is getting in the way?


Comparing BREEAM 2011 to BREEAM 2008

Hardip Mann 13 Sep 2013

Hardip Mann, BAM’s lead BREEAM Assessor, Sustainability Advisor and Indoor Air Quality expert, explains how BREEAM 2011 compares to BREEAM 2008, and how BAM is helping projects continue to score high.