Plastic bags and pallets - reuse and repatriation

Jess Duffell 10 Feb 2015

On site, one of the biggest waste management problems is what to do with pallets. Brick deliveries, timber deliveries, in fact most deliveries include the use of a pallet. But that creates the problem of what to do with it once it has served its purpose?


How to have a resource efficient Christmas

Hanna Hayward 17 Dec 2014

Tis the season to be merry, and often, wasteful. Without sounding like a Grinch, there are so many easy ways we could all have a more resource efficient festive season, on sites and at home.



PPE for all, including cyclists

Hanna Hayward 18 Nov 2014

As a cyclist, I am keen to promote Road Safety Week. I believe much more can be done to make roads safer for everyone, although common sense, and compulsory PPE would be a good start for many!  


What if...we used round concrete pegs?

Anthony Heaton 10 Nov 2014

As a Sustainability Advisor working for BAM Construction, I am constantly looking at the impacts that our projects have on the wider world around them, and many of the issues I encounter are deeply rooted in the construction industry’s traditional approach. Much like Honda’s advert, I often ask ‘What if?’


No need to fear BREEAM 2014

Julia Messenger 31 Oct 2014

Are you spooked by BREEAM 2014? No need to fear- the BAM BREEAM-busters are here…

The BREEAM 2014 new construction scheme can seem quite daunting but plenty of BAM projects are already taking on the challenge and targeting Excellent ratings. Released in summer 2014, the BREEAM UK New Construction 2014 assessment covers the majority of non-domestic new builds.


What one thing could you do for biodiversity?

Alison Guscott 22 Oct 2014

Set in the beautiful Kew Gardens, The BIG Challenge - ‘Do one thing’ award ceremony last week highlighted the efforts that the construction industry is making to enhance biodiversity on construction sites and it got me thinking about what we could all do for biodiversity.


Keeping wood local: the new Grown in Britain licencing scheme

Charlie Law 13 Oct 2014

We are probably all aware of the FSC tick logo, which has been around for over 20 years now, and many will also be aware of PEFC. Although these timber ‘chain of custody’ schemes will confirm that your timber or timber product is from a legal and sustainable source, they do not always tell you where it came from. However there is now a Grown in Britain licencing scheme that can confirm your timber is grown in Britain in a similar way to the Red Tractor scheme for food.


Further than fundraising

Eleanor Evans 13 Oct 2014

BAM’s charity partnerships aren’t just about fundraising, although we are very proud of how much we’ve raised for our partners over the years. Any good partnership should bring about mutual benefit and support each other’s strategic aims, something that’s well worth bearing in mind as we come up to select our next national charity partner for 2015/16.