BAM's Sustainability Journey - What next?

Nitesh Magdani 30 Jun 2015

Since starting our sustainability journey in 2007, BAM has improved its environmental, social and economic impact on the sites and in the communities we work in. Here's what to expect beyond our 2015 targets…


This World Environment Day do more with less

Kris Karslake 01 Jun 2015
"Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care." This year's World Environment Day theme highlights the need for us to carefully consider our resource use, with over seven billion people on the planet and many nations consuming more than their fair share of resources.

Are the Government's Construction 2025 targets achievable?

Nitesh Magdani 18 May 2015

The challenge has been set for the construction industry to reach the Government’s ambitious 2025 targets. These include lowering construction costs and the whole life cost of built assets by 33%, lowering emissions by 50%, and delivering projects 50% faster. So how are we going to do it?


Give Indoor Air Quality Credit

Hardip Mann 28 Apr 2015

We spend on average 20 hours a day indoors, so knowing how we can reduce Volatile Organic Compound concentrations in buildings is important as Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) directly affects building users’ productivity. To help with this, the BRE Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) 2014 includes four Health and Wellbeing 02 Credits for IAQ, for project teams to aim towards and help improve IAQ for building users.


Construction must step into the optimal performance zone

Anthony Heaton 30 Mar 2015

Routines, habits and finding comfort in what we know are strange quirks of human behaviour which influence our actions, as much at work as they do at home. We all probably have a favourite mug, pair of trainers, holiday destination, brand of beans or side of the bed. But is resorting to what is familiar limiting us? Is it worth stepping out of our comfort zone to be more productive?


Energy planning for the end of the world

Mark Talbot 24 Mar 2015

Whether you got a clear view of the recent solar eclipse or not, you probably noticed the sky got much darker. The end of the world isn’t quite here yet, but it does make you think about how much we rely on energy, and how we need to preserve it to be a sustainable society.


Health and Happiness: a better business case for sustainable construction

Charlotte Cassedanne 16 Mar 2015

Another year, another interesting three days at Ecobuild, the annual sustainable design, construction and energy exhibition at Excel. With an upcoming national election and an EU referendum round the corner, the future of sustainability in the UK was hotly debated: retrofitting (or not) houses, green infrastructure, and how buildings can improve health and wellbeing were all prominent themes.


The fourth pillar of sustainability: pleasure?

Kris Karslake 24 Feb 2015

The three pillars of sustainability are widely known as People, Planet and Profit. A type of systems theory, the idea is the three pillars have to all be strong for a sustainable world to become a reality. But maybe Pleasure is the fourth pillar that could make the other pillars more stable?