What is dementia?

Beth Kidd 16 May 2016

What is dementia? Before working for BAM I would probably have answered “It’s what happens to old people and it’s when they forget important things.” But having had the pleasure of managing BAM’s charity partnership with Alzheimer’s Society and Alzheimer Scotland over the last 12 months, I now know that dementia is more than that.


Making the transition to ISO 14001:2015

Kris Karslake 22 Feb 2016
Since attending ‘Making the Transition to ISO14001:2015’ training course, I like many other environmental managers, have realised that we need to shake things up if our businesses are to keep hold of their Environmental Management System certificates. Making the transition to 2015 standards means thinking about sustainability from the outset, not just fitting it into current processes.

Moving forward from the #ParisAgreement

17 Dec 2015
Following the recent global climate talks in Paris over the last few weeks, we now have an agreement between 196 nations to act on climate change. This is unprecedented and it’s great news. In the building sector, taking strong action on climate change poses a great opportunity...

Are you having sustainability nightmares?

Sustainability team 29 Oct 2015

Are you haunted by the challenges of sustainability? Well our team of ghouls are on hand to help and defeat your sustainability demons. Come and meet them if you dare…….


Sustainability in the Supply Chain - Hanson UK

Jess Duffell 20 Oct 2015

Working in the sustainability sector, I often get invited to ‘sustainability stakeholder days’ and events for the ‘environmental professional’. I went along to the Hanson Stakeholder Day, as it is always interesting to hear first-hand about developments within our supply chain.


How many planets will you need?

Alison Guscott 25 Sep 2015

This week is world green building week. They have a clever little calculator which works out your environmental impacts, and how many planets we would need if everyone lived like you.

Turns out I’m not as good as I hoped! So where am I going wrong? Or what I should really be asking is how can I do better?


Sustainability is cost effectiveness

Anthony Heaton 23 Sep 2015

This week I saw the phrase ‘cost effective sustainability’.

It doesn’t need an environmental professional to guess the author of this phrase had a pretty sceptical view of the value of sustainability. So why have sustainable technologies been so common over the last seven to eight years, when they were not always cost-effective – after all, isn’t ‘economic’ one of the pillars of sustainability? 


Building with Indoor Air Quality in mind

21 Sep 2015
Are you breathing comfortably? Maybe you’re reading this at work, in an office, or maybe on a bus, a train or at home? Either way, you are probably reading it indoors, which is where 90% of our time is spent in Western Europe. That’s 20 hours of our day indoors! No wonder then that Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can affect our health and wellbeing.