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A great experience with amazing people

Tulasee Anishetty 28 Jul 2017

My work experience at BAM has been one of the most enriching and enjoyable experiences I have ever had. The construction industry was not a sector I was particularly looking to work in, but it has turned out to be really valuable. When I was looking for marketing work experience, one of the main reasons that I did not consider the construction industry was because I thought it would only offer on-site roles. I didn’t consider all the other roles that exist in construction companies.

I believe the construction sector should be considered more by young people since there are a lot more opportunities than we are aware of. With sustainability becoming an increasingly important topic in our daily lives, construction companies have a major impact on the world. The construction industry will continue to grow in the future, and being part of this growth could be very interesting.

I enjoyed the fact that during my work experience, I made a contribution to the company’s development. This was my first experience working in a businesses marketing department and from the first day, I was given real responsibilities and a campaign to work on. Being trusted and able to think freely to come up with my own ideas was very satisfying. The team I worked with were friendly and helpful, which is particularly important for a first experience.  

As a marketing assistant, I was in charge of a creating a social media campaign for BAM’s sustainability department. This project consisted of promoting sustainability and raising brand awareness by finding new concepts. In order to do this, I also worked in collaboration with the graphics design team to create a new logo and find photos for the campaign. 

Graphics team briefing

Furthermore, I worked with the communication’s team to launch #BAMin30, a video series for Instagram to promote BAM’s #BuildingFutureStars early careers campaign. This task consisted of filming, interviewing and editing the videos. The challenge was to come up with creative and fun ideas to attract graduates and apprentices to choose BAM as their first employer.

At the end of my work experience, I had to present the different projects I had been working on. During my time at BAM, I learnt how to use Power Point with more confidence, and also the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro CC for video editing. My presentation skills and confidence have definitely improved throughout this internship.

On a personal level, I think working at BAM made me realise that I need to be more open-minded about opportunities I would not necessarily have considered at first. A year ago, I would not have thought I would enjoy working for a construction company. However, what has made my experience so enjoyable is the fact that BAM isn’t just any construction company. For my future experiences, I now know that I should consider industries I was not particularly keen on at first and try them, as it could turn out to be a great experience.

I would recommend anyone to work at BAM, especially for their first experience, as it will give them the necessary skills to build up their confidence and knowledge, as well as a having a great experience with amazing people.

I took part in the #makementalhealthwork social media campaign 

For more information about work experience opportunities at BAM, please contact Beth Kidd, Community Engagement Assistant.



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