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CLIC Sargent - a curious banquet

Beth Kidd 12 May 2017

Every month, thousands of children and their families have to hear the devastating words: “it’s cancer.” CLIC Sargent works with these children and their families to limit the damage done by cancer beyond their health. CLIC Sargent provides expert support, to help and guide each young cancer patient and their family, so that they can focus on the most important goal - getting well. 

It’s great that BAM has already raised £9,432 since we launched our new charity partnership with CLIC Sargent in January 2017. Our people have raised money in all sorts of way over the past few months for example by wearing wigs or dressing in pink, running half marathons, taking part in regional football tournaments, testing our knowledge in pub quizzes, and taking part in a 10km swimathon.

Last month, I was lucky enough to be invited to CLIC Sargent’s ‘A Curious Banquet’, an evening that aimed to provide an insight into what young people go through during cancer treatment and, in particular, the world of food cravings, or ‘cancer cravings’ as they are sometimes called.

During the event, I met some really inspirational young people who had been through their treatment and were now able to share their stories. They talked to me about how their cancer treatment affected their eating habits. I wasn’t aware, for example, that during treatment a young person’s eating habits often change. Sometimes they want to eat all the time, or not at all. Sometimes, they can find it hard to eat if they feel sick, or if their mouth is dry or sore. However, it is still important they eat a balanced diet to help the body stay strong, fight off infections, and give them energy.

CLIC Sargent served canapés over the evening, based on some of the weird food combinations that the ‘cancer cravings’ had given the young people, for example we were served toffee cheese on crackers , Flaming Hot Monster Munch with yoghurt and cucumber dip and cucumber slices with jam! I found it particularly interesting that all the young people agreed that they craved either spicy or sour flavours. One young man could even manage a Phall curry (one of the hottest curries available) without even breaking into a sweat, while another just wanted ice cream.

One young person explained how they craved deviled eggs, and another jelly sweets on cucumber

Listening to their stories was truly inspirational and was a reminder of why BAM is proud to support CLIC Sargent. But I also learned new things about how cancer treatment can affect people in ways I wouldn’t initially have thought about; although I don’t think I’ll be taking any of the recipes home with me! 


Beth Kidd is a Community Engagement Assistant at BAM

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