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Transforming used pallets into garden furniture

Ruth Beavers 19 Dec 2016

Although every effort is made to return or reuse pallets on our construction sites, almost all material deliveries rely on them, so they can often build up on sites. We often work with the National Community Wood Recycling Project, which picks up wood, including pallets, for reuse or recycling. But at our Materials Innovation Factory project at the university of Liverpool, the team decided to upcycle them into furniture!

Our team approached the University’s sustainability department with the idea of getting the students involved. We thought it would be a great way of reducing waste, engaging with students and leaving the University with a memento of the construction project once completed. The University helped us to promote the event at their Fresher’s Fair.

The site team started collecting pallets to be made into chairs, and also realised they had a few large cable drums which they could make into tables too.

The Fresher’s Fair saw lots of student interested in the event, and although on the day we were blessed with some typical British weather, the turnout of volunteers was still good. Our joiner, Mark Worthington, did a great job helping us to transform the pallets into pieces of useable outdoor furniture, and volunteers helped to varnish them. In total 21 pallets and two cable drums were made into seven chairs and two tables. 

These are going to be used in a garden currently being created by the University, near their engineering department. With the garden due to be finished in the next couple of weeks, the furniture will be ready for immediate use.

Organised by our Education and Communiity Co-ordinator, Nin Khoshaba, this was a really simple way for the site to make a difference – and with a bit of support (with thanks to Lee Benson, BAM Project Manager, Peter Harris, BAM Maintenance Manager, and Ged Flanagan, BAM Construction Director), something as simple as making chairs and tables out of pallets and cable drums can be a really positive, and fun, experience.


Ruth Beavers is a Sustainability Advisor at BAM

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