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Experiencing more than photocopying

Philippa Murray 18 Jul 2016

Before doing my work experience placement at BAM I would have said that construction is mainly for men and that there are limited jobs within the industry - the main ones being architects, project managers and brick layers. However, after doing my placement I now know there are men and women doing a range of jobs.

I was given many tasks to keep me busy, and they weren't just your standard photocopying or tea making. I got the chance to talk to and interview people, learning about their different job positions; I was also given projects to do, similar to those done by employees on a daily basis. This helped me to discover where my interests lie and if I would enjoy any of these fields of work.

While on my placement I got the opportunity to visit a building site, which was an amazing experience. I saw how the building, which I had previously only seen on paper, had come to life in the real worId (not to mention it was a thoroughly enjoyable day and nice to get out of the office). I also met the site-based team and heard about what other job opportunities there are. I learnt about PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and why it is worn to keep people safe. 

I got to work in a range of departments - for example design, estimating, bid submissions, BIM, commercial management, sustainability and so many more. I learnt so much from this variety of placements some which I enjoyed more than others. But they all helped me to understand what interests me and could be potential future career paths.

From my experience at BAM I now know there is more to construction than I previously thought. I also got to see that there are many different ways to get into the construction industry - by going down the traditional university route, applying to one of BAM’s training schemes or joining a day release programme where you can go to university or college for one day a week and learning on-site for the other days, all while being paid at the same time.  

Overall I think it's been a good opportunity to see what the work place is like and what path I would like to take my career down. I would recommend trying a work experience opportunity at BAM, even if you have never thought of a career in construction as you will gain many life skills and you may discover a passion that you never knew you had!    


Philippa Murray was a work experience student at BAM

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