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Are you having sustainability nightmares?

Sustainability team 29 Oct 2015

Haunted by the challenges of sustainability? Fear not, our team of ghouls are on hand to defeat your sustainability demons. Come and meet them if you dare…….


Prisoner NM666

Don’t be a prisoner of the past, it is easy to get stuck on repeat, becoming trapped in the same old way of designing buildings. This leads to scary amounts of waste being produced project after project, and for years after a building is handed over. Considering the growing cost and scarcity of resources, this is a very chilling problem indeed!

But never fear, there’s a way to unlock these shackles. TV prisoner NM666 has watched the flaws of others through his monitor and has now seen the light. Death is only for the weak, the short-term view taken by most mere mortals does not consider the value of the afterlife. NM666 designs for reuse and rebirth - materials aspiring to immortality!

One way to get back to the future is to evaluate early designs at resource efficiency workshops.  Here design teams can challenge the status quo and really think about how the design, materials chosen and contracts put in place can work together to make waste a thing of the past… and make materials live forrrrevvverrrrr! 


The Wicked Witch Elphabeth

Be aware of who you scare!!! Hallowe'en usually brings back memories for people of dressing up and knocking on doors shouting “trick or treat” but, for the 850,000-plus people living with dementia in the UK today, Halloween could cause extra anxiety or even fear. Imagine how you might react to answering the door at night to strangers dressed up in scary costumes, demanding sweets, especially if you don’t remember what the date is. So, try and be mindful over this weekend and think before you knock and avoid any houses that aren’t decorated.


Dr Manneater

Are you gasping for breath, struggling to breathe, haunted by the nightmare of your work environment???? Don’t suck the life from your employees! Headaches, nausea, memory loss, skin irritations, respiratory problems, coughing, fatigue and even depression are all symptoms that arise from poor indoor air quality also known as sick building syndrome. Exorcise the demons of your eerie work environment by seeking advice on sustainable indoor air quality solutions (read more in Manneater’s blog).


Count Karslake

Trying to keep skeletons locked in your closet? Feeling rattled by not knowing where your materials come from? Freaked out by the fear of bad procurement decision affecting the lives of others and the environment? Keep those skeletons locked away and ward off the day of the dead, by making sure the materials you use come from certified responsible sources. There are so many to choose from too! Such as FSC, PEFC, BES6001, CARES, Eco-Reinforcement, Cradle to Cradle and others. It just takes some commitment. All of these standards ensure that the sourcing and production of materials don’t have a negative impact on communities and the environment. But make sure you work with your supply chain to get the right supporting certificates and delivery notes… because if you don’t, you had better keep that closet door tightly shut - the skeletons will be coming for you!



Don’t let energy monsters keep your buildings from performing. We can’t just harness energy from lightning like doctor Frankenstein did to create his monster. We work hard to pay for all the energy we use to run our buildings. But in most cases, we’re losing a lot of it to ‘monsters’ i.e. the things that sneak up (in the day and the night) to steal our efficiency, like the commissioning monster who messed up your systems, the value engineering monster who under-specified the lighting, or even the dreaded occupier monster who runs around leaving things on all night…

To fight back against these monsters, a good start would be to know more about where they’re hiding, what their agenda is and how much they want to hurt you! In other words, find out how you’re building performs. By carrying out some post occupancy evaluation, you can know how to improve your systems, management and the way users act. Above all, don’t turn your back on the monsters as they will get you in the end!


If you are having sustainability nighmares, contact us to talk about your sustainability ghouls. 



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