Climate conversations

Paula Morgenstern 27 Sep 2019

Last Friday, 20 September 2019, saw millions of young people globally take to the streets, demanding urgent action to prevent further global warming. We are seeing more people asking how they can help make a difference as individuals. That’s why our sustainability team has been hosting new climate conversations and webinars with colleagues across the business.


Social impact workshop

Syreeta Bayne 06 Jun 2019

BAM recently led a social impact workshop in Mostar, testing a social impact methodology and identifying how the construction life cycle could drive a circular economy and create social value. In particular, we focussed on the Green Design Centre, a pilot project in the city of Mostar, to understand how a building could be catalyst for driving social change.


Plastic angels and demons

Kris Karslake 25 Mar 2019
Plastic: that wonder material. It can be flexible, rigid, clear or coloured, is hygienic and weather proof, and has a very long lifespan. It’s a material designed for longevity, but often used just once. And plastic was the topic for the recent Alliance of Sustainable Building Products’ annual conference and expo, which gave me an even greater insight into plastic's issues, impacts and alternatives.

Net zero carbon buildings: we have the tools, we just need the will and commitment

Jesse Putzel 12 Mar 2019
Since the loss of our national (UK) targets for zero carbon buildings in 2015, progress in moving the agenda forward has been slow. Save for a few exemplar projects that showcase the possibilities of net zero carbon, the majority hover around meeting the bare minimum for building regulations, or make diminutive improvements. But, we know it is technically possible. We already have the tools, we just need the will and commitment.

What are you doing to tackle modern slavery?

Amanda Wright 20 Dec 2018
You may have heard the term ‘modern slavery’ a lot recently, and although generally thought of as an overseas issue, or something resigned to the history books, it is not. It is happening right now in the UK.

Going for sustainability gold!

Julia Messenger 12 Nov 2018
It has been a successful few months for sustainability benchmarking at BAM. The assessments go far beyond just monitoring energy and water data (though they are vital aspects) and probe current sustainability issues such as wellbeing, circular economy, modern slavery,  gender pay gap and lifecycle assessment.

Beating plastic pollution at BAM

Alison Guscott 03 Jul 2018

We are one month on from World Environment Day. On 5 June we concluded BAM’s #BeatPlasticPollution campaign, as we aimed to raise the profile of single-use plastic at BAM, and challenged people to reduce plastic use at work and at home. Read more about how our colleagues tackled the challenge.