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BAM FM delivers total FM services, including waste management to five schools in Worcestershire County as part of the Bromsgrove PFI contract. The new schools provide a modern teaching environment and also offer shared community facilities such as a library. Working with Bromsgrove PFI, BAM FM came up with a new solution to waste management, achieving 100% diversion from landfill.  


The schools' waste management process already separated and baled all paper and card for recycling, however all other waste was collected as general waste and sent to landfill. Space restrictions at the schools limited their waste management options, because the small quantities involved at each school made alternative solutions uneconomical. 

However, this management of the schools' waste resulted in approximately 70% of waste going to landfill, a costly and inefficient solution.

70% of the schools' waste was going to landfill


Geraldine McCurry, one of BAM FM's soft services managers in the Midlands, put forward an alternative solution. While still separating and baling paper and card for recycling, all other waste could be sorted compatibly to Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) requirements.

SRF is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels such as coal or pet coke, and is obtained by processing commercial waste.

BAM FM's new waste management
solution would divert waste from landfill


By following SRF guidelines, all the schools’ residual waste is now being processed in a nearby Integrated Resource Recovery Centre, with the end result being the product “Climafuel” which is used in a nearby cement factory in Rugby.

This innovation in waste management resulted in 100% diversion from landfill (as even the little waste which is incompatible with SRF guidelines is still separated and processed away from landfill), complete with 50% reduction in waste disposal costs per year.


Now achieving 100% diversion from landfill


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