Sustainable Design

Sustainability is at the heart of our approach to design. Our aim is to help schemes achieve the optimum social, economic and environmental performance. Our teams assist clients to identify, develop and then achieve their sustainability goals, focusing on issues such as in-use performance and cost effective outcomes over the lifecycle of the building rather than simply achieving an environmental certification. Setting clear and relevant sustainability targets enables project teams to understand and engage with requirements, while our experts are on hand to advise at key stages. 

Working with our clients to ensure their building's perform

Making a Positive Impact

We design our buildings to have a positive impact during the construction and operations phase minimising resource usage, waste and carbon emissions across their life cycle. We use passive design wherever possible to help customers reduce emissions, save money and meet environmental goals. Having completed the concept design for the UKGBC Head office in 2015, we were pleased to have positively influenced their workspace and helped them to challenge their own sustainability goals. We are confident the end result will be a healthy workspace, showcasing innovative solutions from their membership.

Collaborative Working

Collaboration is central to delivering a successful project and we work alongside our customers to understand their drivers, such as a need to meet legislative requirements, increase cost savings, enhance their brand or achieve LEED/BREEAM accreditation.

We also recognise the importance of collaborating with our supply chain. We have held round table events nationwide to discuss topics such as Responsible Sourcing and the Circular Economy to remove current barriers to change and also raise the awareness of the opportunities presented by different design approaches.

Collaborative working with our supply chain

Taking a Long Term View

Our sustainable approach extends beyond design and construction. BAM also has a thriving FM business where we support customers and building users during the operational life of buildings. This long term involvement helps us to understand how our buildings perform over time and what we can do to improve this. We're building on this by implementing post-occupancy evaluations more widely to inform future products and services.

This integrated approach also means we can consider our customers' long term requirements; offering innovative solutions which reduce impacts on the environment, improve the experience for end-users, and ensure our buildings perform at a higher level so retain a higher asset value at the end of their life.

Rolling out post-occupancy evaluations

Next steps

Design is central to driving innovation and long term efficiencies for customers. We will continue to support our customer's requirements to meet their operational needs. This will be supported by understanding the role we play in enhancing the built environment, often using information management technology to deliver more efficient buildings and ensuring we deliver more positive benefits for the communities where we work.

Advising project teams and clients on bespoke sustainable solutions

Case studies relating to this topic

30 Broadwick Street

30 Broadwick Street

Located in the heart of Soho, the BREEAM Excellent 30 Broadwick Street provides high quality offices, as well as retail and restaurant space.

ARK Brunel Primary Academy

ARK Brunel Primary Academy

The new ARK Brunel Primary Academy is constructed from Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) panels, providing a warm and inspiring environment for 420 pupils, including 16 place special needs and 40 nursery places. The new building uses various levels to offer increased outdoor play and teaching areas, providing a flexible learning environment.

Regent High School

Regent High School

Regent High School, a 1,300 pupil secondary school, was part of Camden Council’s regeneration plan. The project involved part demolition and refurbishment, as well as significant new build, and now includes large outdoor learning and community spaces that create a safe and inviting learning environment.

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