Sustainable design

Sustainable design and collaborative working is at the heart of our approach to become resource and climate positive, and to enhance lives. Our teams assist clients to identify, develop and then achieve their sustainability goals, focusing on issues such as in-use performance and cost effective outcomes over the lifecycle of the building.

Working with our clients to ensure their building's perform

Understanding clients' needs

BAM understand that collaboration is central to delivering a successful project and we work alongside our customers to understand their drivers, such as a need to meet legislative requirements, increase cost savings, enhance their brand or achieve LEED/BREEAM accreditation.

Understanding key drivers to deliver successful projects

Our offerings

Our knowledge and experience in delivering a range of projects means our in-house team of sustainability specialists are there to help each individual project every step of the way, from developing designs, managing the construction process, to supporting customers and building users during a building’s operation. Our integrated approach means we are able to offer innovative solutions which reduce impacts on the environment, improve the experience for end-users, and ensure our buildings perform at a higher level so retain a higher asset value at the end of their life.

An integrated approach allows us to offer innovative solutions 

Taking a long term view

Our sustainable approach extends beyond design and construction. BAM also has a thriving FM business where we support customers and building users during the operational life of buildings. In 2016 BAM Energy installed new solar PV at Ruth Gorse Academy in Leeds, a new school built by our construction division. Reid Cunningham, Strategic Development Director at BAM Energy explains, “The PVs were stipulated in planning permission and therefore crucial for the project to continue – but at a cost of £80,000, they were prohibitive. We were able to remove this upfront investment and transfer it to the future operating costs, which delighted the client."

Long term involvement also helps us to understand how our buildings perform over time and what we can do to improve this. Over 2016 BAM has been growing our building performance offerings. We recruited a specialist Building Performance Manager, have carried out building performance evaluations on some of our buildings, introduced soft landing technicians, and helped to carry out client training sessions.

Growing our building performance offerings

Case studies relating to this topic

Leeds Arena

Leeds Arena

One of the most sustainable arenas in the UK, set to host more than 140 events each year from rock concerts to ice dancing. With a capacity of 13,500 people, the 30,000m2 venue also provides 4,000m2 of public space and a 100-seat restaurant.

Regent High School

Regent High School

Regent High School, a 1,300 pupil secondary school, was part of Camden Council’s regeneration plan. The project involved part demolition and refurbishment, as well as significant new build, and now includes large outdoor learning and community spaces that create a safe and inviting learning environment.

Somerstown Community hub

Somerstown Community hub

BAM designed and built the iconic Somerstown Community Hub as part of Portsmouth Council's regeneration of the Somerstown estate. Spanning the dual carriageway into Portsmouth, the elliptical glulam building now links the north and south sides of the community.

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