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Sustainable Design The Co-op HQ designed to
achieve a Display Energy Certificate A-rating

Sustainable design

Sustainability forms the heart of our design approach and we are committed to ensuring that schemes are able to achieve the optimum social, economic and environmental performance. From the outset, we work with key stakeholders to understand their sustainability related goals and aspirations to make sure the building can meet their requirements, and deliver as expected from day one and into the future.


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carbon Normalised CO2 emissions reduced since 2008


By reducing our emissions, we’re ultimately reducing the costs of construction and helping our customers reduce their environmental impacts by delivering buildings with a lower carbon footprint.  Working with our employees and partners across the industry to improve practices, we aim to reduce our own emissions and the wider impact of our services.

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Resource Efficiency
Reduction in construction
waste since 2006

Resource efficiency

We are committed to using natural resources responsibly to reduce our impact on the environment. We are pioneering WRAP’s Resource Management Plan to ensure our projects are constructed efficiently, by minimising the quantity of construction materials used, avoiding waste, and using fewer natural resources such as water. We tackle these issues through both design and construction to maximise resource efficiency.

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99% of timber from verified legal and sustainable sources. Timber from verified legal
and sustainable sources

Sourcing responsibly

By working with our supply chain and setting high standards, we help to reduce the environmental impact of our projects, improve local communities and ultimately deliver better quality services to our customers. We focus on using healthy and sustainable materials in an efficient way, sourcing locally whenever possible. We go beyond our duty of care, making a positive impact through responsible sourcing.

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Our community investment since 2010 £1.7 million our charity donations in cash.


Building strong partnerships with local communities is not just common sense, it makes commercial sense. Our ‘Making TIME for Communities’ strategy focuses engagement on:

  • TTraining and local employment
  • IInclusion
  • MMotivating our employees
  • EEducation

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Ranked sector leader in the Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For Ranked sector leader in The Sunday Times
Best Companies to Work For

Health and wellbeing

Our customers know that those who work for and with us are exceptional because they are prepared to do whatever it takes to deliver. We want to keep it that way, developing and nurturing work environments where everyone feels safe, engaged and supported to do their best.

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